Full-Stack Product Engineer

A cross-functional software engineer with a heavy focus on the UI and in-depth knowledge of Javascript. Has 3+ years of experience in the software industry with projects built using versatile tech stacks. Highly accustomed to fast paced start-up development environments and agile methodology.

Professional Experience

Started my career as a trainee software developer in the year 2014. Worked on Java, C#, Unity 3D and Android during this phase of my career with a startup in Chennai.

Later, moved on to freelancing, where I built various bespoke software solutions for clients mostly from the USA and Europe. The solutions include desktop software, web applications and web sites. It was during this phase of my career, I tested the waters of front-end development and took up the role of a full-stack engineer working through the entire stack from servers to the client-side scripting and UI. Started using Javascript extensively during this stage of my career and continue to do so till now.

In 2016, moved to Bangalore to take up the position of a software developer at another startup where I helped the company to enhance an in-house software tool and also built new features on top of it using microservices architecture.

Currently working as a software engineer at a product based software company, working with a team, that is building a line of cool products that are future-ready with user bases spanning over a million.

Front-end Techs

  • Backbone
  • Angular
  • React

Server & DB

  • Node, Express
  • Python
  • Java
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

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A next generation learning platform that helps teachers and students to make the process of learning easier by automating common tasks and enabling them to take data-driven decisions. The product targets K-12 section of the academic section.

Backbone LESS Spring MySQL MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ Solr View Project


Unified Assessment Platform (UAP) is an in house tool designed to function as an ERP with highly customized features to digitize the process of handling vocational assessments.

Jquery C# PostgreSQL Python View Project


This is a class booking automation system with capabilities of student registration, management and admin capabilities, built as a bespoke solution for a language school in the US.

Javascript C# PHP MySQL View Project


An open source color scheme geneartion library for python 3 built on the basis of color theoary. It provides various APIs to make color scheme generation easier in python.

Python View Project